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Message from Principal

Hearty welcome to STC – the temple of learning !

Knowledge is power. For a successful career in the intellectually competitive digital era, one requires three attributes namely, knowledge, skill, and attitude. The power of knowledge is all around us to rejoice. It has always been the prime mover of prosperity. It is acquired through quality education, information, intelligence, hard labour and experience. It should be transformed into skills for competency. Merely having knowledge is not enough. The knowledge must manifest itself in the form of skills which are utilized for the betterment of society and for self development. An optimistic approach towards issues is an important element that assures success in our life. STC has a par excellent infrastructure –faculty, buildings, labs, library, play fields, etc. It strives to impart value based holistic education to the younger generation who are the assets and the real nation builders! I sincerely believe that STC will fulfill the aspirations of the young and vibrant student community of this millennium by providing them excellent education, eco system and conducive ambiance for better learning experience. I wish every student a prosperous and successful career and a wonderful learning experience at STC!



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