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Centre for Training, Placement and Corporate Relations

STC has established a full-fledged and highly dynamic centre for Training, Placement and Corporate Relations with a full time Director. Through campus interviews and job fairs, the placement center has actively taken on the task of training students by experts from academic and corporate fields and then planning them in leading organisationns such as Cognizant, WIPRO, TCS, Infosys, ICICI, HDFC, Tech Mahindra and others. Our relationship with local industries is on the upscale. We maintain mutually beneficial training and placement tie-ups with other institutions of repute. The CTPC holds job fairs, on and off campus on a regular basis,with the participation of leading companies and in collabration with Bharathiar University. A few of our prestigious recruiters are Cognizant, Encore Theme, Infosys, TATA Consultancy Services, Wipro, Zoho, The Muthoot Group, Blue Ridge Consulting Services, Jaro Education, Just Dial, Focus Edumatics, Joy Alukkas, Thyrocare, Cancer Aid Society etc.

Centre for Counselling and Guidance

The Centre for Counselling and Guidance was established at STC in 2008. This Centre provides individual and group counselling to students. Besides, the centre arranges regular seminars and workshops for faculty and students. The centre also extends its services to nearby schools, industries, prison cells and the public.

Centre for Research and Development

STC’s focus is on research as the critical futuristic endeavour. To give research an impetus in the institution, an exclusive Centre was established in 2010, the Centre for Research and Development (CRD). The prime objective of CRD is to create a research ambience and culture by promoting research activities among the faculty and students. Research activities of CRD subsume sponsored research projects, publications in refereed journals, research consultancy and trainings, Faculty research seminars as well as working paper series. It functions as a catalyst in imbibing cutting-edge research ideas and methods among the institution's faculty and students in the institution. The Research Scholars forum has been promoted to create a platform for research scholars and students to have panel discussions on current research issues. CRD has successfully completed 69 sponsored research projects and submitted 47 research project proposals to various donor agencies such as NCW, ICSSR, NABARD, DST, EDITN and Azim Premji University. Working paper series have been commissioned and nine of which have been published and one in the pipeline. Research seminar series have been introduced and already 6 have been organized on a monthly basis. The Centre for Consultancy Services has signed an MOU with V-Alienz company from Coimbatore. We have done two software packages and website development work. The centre has a Research Coordination Committee and a Consultancy Coordination Committee. Every month, minimum one meeting is organized to deliberate on the research activities done in the departments and opportunities are plentiful in the ecosystem for research and consultancy. A Research Advisory Board (RAB) has been formed with the members from various research institutions and research bodies to get suggestions and  feedbacks on the research activities of CRD at STC. So far five RAB meetings have been completed.

Centre for Entrepreneurial Development

The Centre for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) was established, in the academic year 2012-2013 with a vision to spread the spirit and temper of entrepreneurship and to foster innovation and inculcate entrepreneurial skills in students minds. Ever since its inception, the centre, under the aegis of Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), has committed to organise Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EAC) in order to transform the mindset of rural youth from job seeking to job providing.

The objectives of the centre include:

Centre for Faculty Development

STC cherishes and values the importance of a teacher’s service in the field of higher education. The institution strongly believes that a band of good teachers with a high sense of commitment and sincerity of purpose can usher in quality education. Aiming at excellence in its academic yatra, the institution has aptly realized that the faculty are the sheet anchors who should be scholars of the highest order endowed with knowledge, wisdom and compassion in the field of higher education for the total turnaround of the students into complete personalities. Only the best teachers can produce the best students and shape them into excellent citizens and the manpower the nation needs for its great leap. To attain this prime objective, a Centre for Faculty Development (CFD) has been created and under its auspices, numerous faculty development programmes are being conducted regularly since 2005 in response to faculty needs.

Centre for Human Excellence

STC offers YOGA as a part of its curriculum design for the ascent and vertical transformation of the students to become enlightened, spiritually oriented and extraordinary citizens. The learning and practice of YOGA will not only give students a sound mind and sound body, but also the values, like knowledge, wisdom and compassion, metaphysical experience and communion of the individual soul with the Supreme. The purpose of education is not only to transfer knowledge and skills to the students but also transform them into better citizens. Ethics and culture programme is to teach the values of life to the student community and develop their knowledge and wisdom simultaneously which are required for human excellence in the current scenario.

Centre for Performing Arts

The Centre for Performing Arts was established recently with a mission to make sure that everybody in the campus should participate in the events of the performing arts being conducted throughout the year. This centre encourages students to participate in these events. STC has stepped up its efforts to support the students in the area of fine Arts. We believe that performance in music, drama and dance would complement all the students and add a new dimension and richness to their learning in all disciplines.

STC IAS Academy

To meet the needs of the students aspiring for IAS examination administered by Government of India, and competitive examinations administered by the Government of Tamilnadu, STC has started an exclusive coaching centre for the aspirants of UPSC / TNPSC Examinations. The Academy imparts a comprehensive training-cum guidance program that covers all the stages of civil service exams – Preliminary Exam (the objective type screening test); Main Exam (the descriptive type written test) and the interview. The Academy has been established with the aim of providing total assistance to the students preparing for the IAS Exam. The focus is on providing holistic education by not only covering the prescribed syllabus but also enabling the students to face other challenges in life with equal ease. The air – conditioned classrooms and library / reading room facilities offered by the academy make it a real coaching centre for the students to move forward and win their goals.

Centre for Consultancy Services

The Centre for Consultancy Services (CCS) is yet another milestone in the growth path of STC. The ultimate objective of CCS is to make better use of the latent human resources at STC for the benefit of the society. Both the clients and the faculty members can benefit from each other through knowledge sharing and resource gaining from each other. Thus, this proposition is mutually beneficial. The clients from industry, business, government and civil society can access the expertise available in the institution. This would equip the faculty members with new capabilities and processes that would enable them to deliver better services to clients and students.

The centre intends to take up consulting services to make use of the human capital and complement its growth through pragmatic learning from clients in the following domains:

Broadly, our client base includes business organizations, industry, NGOs, equity firms and small startups. Our ecosystem is very engaging, challenging and mutually rewarding for our team and our clients. We assure our clients a veritable solution and genuine results much beyond their  expectations and we consider our client’s businesses as our own. We have a faculty strength of 55 doctorates in various domains such as Information Technology, Computer Science, Economics, Social Work, Management, Commerce and Mathematics. We also have the support of around 75 M.Phil research degree holders with lots of experience in research and consultancy and a host of well-experienced senior faculty in the field of higher education.

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