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Sree Saraswathi Thyagaraja College envisages e-governance by leveraging updated and cutting-edge technologies. The broad areas of focus include Academics, Library, Finance and accounts, Admissions, Administration, Communication, Examination, Teaching and Learning etc. for seamless administration of the college. The policy is designed and framed to make every function transparent and accountable. It assists in strengthening the activities of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) and creates a centralized data management system to support accreditation and ranking like NAAC, NIRF, and NBA.


• To improve the smooth functioning of the institutional activities
• To promote transparency and accountability and easy access to information
• To facilitate online, internal, and external communication between all the stakeholders of the institution
• To develop the institution visible across the nation
• To equip the necessary IT infrastructure 
• To introduce online services for students, parents, staff, and other stakeholders.

  • No.
  • 1
  • Student Administration
  • • Barcoded ID Card for online identification through barcode scanners
    • Availability of timetable/class schedule.
    • Enhanced Teaching Tools – Online Assignments, Quizzes, Teaching Plan, Teaching Content, Mentoring, etc
    • Attendance records.
    • Communication of academic details of students to their parents.
    • Notifications via ERP, SMS, WhatsApp
  • 2
  • Staff Administration
  • • Biometrics and automation of attendance
    • Recruitment and work allotment
    • Leave management of staff/Faculty members
    • Performance-based appraisal system.
    • Communication with staff through e-media like email, WhatsApp
    • E-circulars/Office Orders/Notices.
  • 3
  • General Administration
  • • Usage of electronic media by students to apply for admissions.
    • Admissions are managed by “No Paper Form” (NPF) applications with no consumption of Print and Paper.
    • Student registration /enrollment.
    • Dissemination of information within the institution through email / WhatsApp
    • Processing and display of examination results in the Website
    • Facility for students to make fee payments in online mode
  • 4
  • Alumni
  • • Alumni portal ‘Almashine’
    Alumni registration
    • Alumni Chapters
    • Alumni Groups
    • Campaign Management
    • Alumni Engagement
  • 5
  • Library
  • • Modern Lib – Library Automation System 
    • Barcoded ID Card for online identification through barcode scanners
    • Online Catalogues (OPAC)
    • Automated Record Keeping
    • Digital Library with dedicated computers for students
    • e-resources
  • 6
  • Examinations
  • • Filling of regular/re-appear examination forms, revaluation forms
    • Scheduling/ allocation of seats for examinations.
    • Receiving/submission of examination papers, uploading of marks, 
    • Maintaining of secrecy and confidentiality
    • Issuing of online admit cards to students
    • Continuous Internal Assessments under the guidance and supervision of the Office of Controller of Examination
    • Creation of multiple test categories for various subjects or courses
    • Transparent & unbiased Evaluation/ Digitized Evaluation
    • Students can avail benefit from maximum services in mode like Mark sheet, Transcript etc., 
  • 7
  • Finance and Accounts Section
  • • Appropriate security measures are taken for maintaining of confidentiality with respect to payments, monetary transactions, and receipts
    • Training to the existing staff and updating of the existing software. 
    • Exclusive payment gateways for fee payments 
    • Receipts generation system for Academic, Examination, Transport, Hostel, and Dues etc.
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