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Building Facility

The college's Management is committed to providing excellent infrastructural facilities and STC management has spent a lot on building the facilities required for academic and administrative purposes.

In addition to the existing three blocks of buildings – Main block, Science block and Commerce Block – a fourth block, – a three storey building has been constructed and the total constructed area of the institution comes to 1,75,000 sq.ft.

The fourth block with a built up area of 24,000 sq.ft. has been constructed to meet the increasing requirements of seminar halls, class rooms, labs etc.

The Green Campus (26.74 acres) is well planned with built-in area of 63,586 sq.ft meeting the statutory requirements of UGC, AICTE, Bharathiar University, and TANSCHE. The College has Four Blocks, namely Main Building, VSV Advanced Learning Centre, Sports Complex, and the Hostels Complex.


VSV Centre for Advanced Studies

Class Rooms

The Green Campus (26.74 acres) is well planned with built-in area of 63,586 sq.ft meeting the statutory requirements of UGC, AICTE, Bharathiar University, and TANSCHE. The College has Four Blocks, namely Main Building, VSV Advanced Learning Centre, Sports Complex, and the Hostels Complex.

Library (Learning Resource Centre)

1. Two Libraries with a total area of 5400 Sq. ft. is well stacked with 43372 volumes of books, 58 Journals, research reports, periodicals, and magazines
2. Digital Library with 25 computers that support access to online and e-resources
3. 24x7 learning facilitated by remote access to N-List

Library - Main Building 

LIBRARY - VSV Centre for Advanced Studies 

Computer Laboratory

• 11 Computer Labs with 842 computers
• Fibre Circuit from BSNL at 100 MBPS with a failover at 50 MBPS
• LAB I equipped with embedded technology facilities for MCA programme
• LAB IX for B. Sc., DCFS with 300 Mbps bandwidth
• LAB X for B.Sc., AI & ML
• LAB XI for B.Sc., DSA
• Specialized tools are available for IOT relevant practical

Chemistry Laboratory

In this laboratory, liquid and solid samples are prepared and analyzed using various analytical equipment.

Psychology Laboratory

The Psychology laboratory is well equipped with materials and psychological tests and instruments for conducting experiments and developing skills for interpreting psychological tests.

Hostel Facilities for Men & Women

Separate Hostel facilities for Boys and girls are available with well furnished Wi-Fi connectivity, recreational facilities, and entertainment facilities with TV, newspapers and magazines. 

Dinning Hall


A sports facility inside college plays a crucial role in the overall development of students for physical activity, promoting fitness and well-being to engage them in team sports, fostering teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship. The college provides following Sports Activities:

• 200-meter standard track with supporting equipment
• Football field (90X 55 sq. mt.)
• Two volleyball courts (37 X 25 each)
• Basketball court (32 X 18 sq. mt.)
• Two Ball-badminton courts (30 X 20 sq. mt. each)
• Hand-ball court (43 X 25
• Kho- Kho court (32 X 20
• Tennis court (37 X 25
• Two Kabaddi courts (18 X 20 each)
• Indoor Games Hall with Table Tennis (2 Nos.),Chess, Carrom
• Separate Green Rooms for Boys and Girls
• Gymnasium (468 sq.ft) with 16stations Multi-Unit and 10 Single-Unit

Seminar Hall, Auditorium, and Open Auditorium

Conference / Seminar / Meeting Halls

Conference halls are well-furnished, air-conditioned, and equipped with modern projectors and audio systems with access to the hall for conducting academic events and important college meetings.

1 Auditorium, 4 Seminar Halls, 3 Conference Halls with LCD projectors, and an open Auditorium 


It is a place of relaxation within the campus that provides coffee, tea, cool drinks, snacks, fried food etc. for all non-resident students, teachers and others. It functions on all working days to cater to the needs of the students. The working hours of the canteen are 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. A store is functioning to provide the stationary items to the students.


13 Buses are available for students and staff from various destinations outside of college. 

  • Courses
  • B.Com (Applied Business Accounting)
  • B.Com. (Business Process Services)
  • B.Com. (Professional Accounting)
  • B.Com (CA) Computer Applications
  • B.Com
  • B.Sc. (Computer Science)
  • B.Sc. (Information Technology)
  • B.C.A. (Bachelor of Computer Application)
  • B.Sc Digital & Cyber Forensic Science
  • B.Sc. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • B.Sc. Data Science and Analytics (DSA)
  • B.Sc. (Mathematics)
  • BBA (Business Administration)
  • B.A. (English Literature)
  • B.Sc. (Psychology)
  • B.Sc. Physics
  • B.Sc. Chemistry
  • Bus No.
  • Bus Starting Place and Time
  • Bus Route
  • 10
  • Pollachi  (1 Bus)
    (Starts at: 8.45 am)
  • Bus Stand – Mahalingapuram – Kottampati –    Palladam Road – college.
  • 7, 12
  • Pollachi  (2 Buses)
    (Starts at: 8.45 am)
  • Bus Stand – Udumalai Road – College.
  • 2, 6, 13
  • Udumalpet (3 Bus)
    (Starts at :8.30 am)
  • Udumalpet Bus Stand – Mukkonam  – Poolankinar  – Anthiyur – Gomangalam – Gedimedu – Kolarpatti –   Sungam – Thippampati – College.
  • 9
  • Nemmara / Vadakkencherry (Kerala)
    (Starts at : 7.20 am)
  • Vadakkencherry – Nemmara – Kollengode –Govindapuram – Meenakshipuram -Valandayapuram –      Ambarampalayam –  Zamin Uthukuli – College.
  • 8
  • Kinathukadavu
    (Starts at : 8.00 am)
  • Kinathukadavu – Thamaraikulam –Kovil palayam – Negamam – Puliyampatti – Kottampatti – Udumalai Road – College.
  • 5
  • Kottur
    (Starts at : 8.00 am)
  • Kottur – Angalakuruchi Kaikatti – Samathur – Thangam Theater – Jothi Nagar – College.
  • 4
  • Vettaikaranpudur
    (Starts at 7.45 am)
  • Vettaikaranpudur – Anaimalai – Mukkonam – Then Sangampalayam –  N.M. Sungam – College.
  • 1
  • Palani
    (Starts at 7.45 am)
  • Palani Bus stand – Chinnakalaia Muthur – Madathukulam – Udumalpet – College.
  • 11
  • Palani
    (Starts at 7.45 am)
  • Neikkarpatti – Komaralingam – Kolumam  – Samarayapatti – Udumalpet – Gomangalam – College.
  • 3
  • Dharapuram
    (Starts at 7.45 am)
  • Dharapuram Bus stand – Gudimangalam – Pethappampatti – College.

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