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B.Sc. (Psychology)

The Department of Psychology at STC had a modest beginning in 2014. The department has introduced various innovative, healthy and unique practices in the academic curriculum. The Psychology Laboratory contains various psychological test materials like the Eysenck Personality Inventory, the Ishihara test for Colour Blindness, Bell’s Adjustment Inventory, Stroop Effect Test, etc.,

Also, we have popular apparatus based tests like Depth Perception Apparatus, Tweezer Dexterity Apparatus, Finger Dexterity Apparatus, Size Constancy Apparatus, Muller Lyer Illusion apparatus, Seguin Form Board Test, Tachistoscope, Concept Formation board, Size Weight illusion box, Trial and Learning apparatus, Maze Learning apparatus, Air puff apparatus, Steadiness tester, two hand coordinator and division of attention apparatus.

Career Prospects

The Department of Psychology at STC trains young minds at the undergraduate level to equip themselves with the right level of attitude, skill and knowledge to become successful in the following profession in the future such as

Career Options

  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Counselling Psychologist
  • Special Educators for Childhood Disorders
  • Rehabilitation Physiologist
  • Sports Psychologist
  • Student Counsellor in Schools, Colleges & Marital Counsellor at Family Courts
  • Specialists in Human Relations at various organizations, institutions and industries
  • Research and Project assistants in DRDO
  • Eminent Academicians

Course Content

Semester I
Core Papers:

  • General Psychology I
  • Developmental Psychology I

Allied Paper:

  • Biopsychology I

Semester II
Core Papers:

  • General Psychology II
  • Developmental Psychology II

Allied Paper:

  • Biopsychology II

Semester III
Core Papers:

  • Abnormal Psychology I
  • Experimental Psychology I
  • Introduction to Theories of Personality

Allied Paper:

  • Statistics in Psychology I

Skill Based Paper:

  • Computer Applications in Psychology I

Semester IV
Core Papers:

  • Abnormal Psychology II
  • Experimental Psychology II
  • Health Psychology

Allied Paper:

  • Statistics in Psychology II

Skill Based Paper:

  • Computer Applications in Psychology II

Semester V
Core Papers:

  • Social Psychology I
  • Organizational Psychology I
  • Guidance & Counselling Psychology I
  • Introduction to Research Methodology
  • Experimental Psychology III

Allied Paper:

  • Cognitive Psychology/ Introduction to Forensic Psychology

Skill Based Paper:

  • Internship [Clinical / Industrial]

Semester VI
Core Papers:

  • Social Psychology II
  • Organizational Psychology II
  • Guidance & Counselling Psychology II

Allied Paper:

  • Positive Psychology / Psychology of Criminal Behaviour
  • Educational Psychology / Consumer Behaviour

Skill Based Paper:

  • Understanding Body Language

Extra Credit Courses:

  • Professional English I & II
  • MOOC I & II

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