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Policy Statement

We strongly believe in following the guidelines set by the pioneers of STC for the smooth functioning of the college and look forward to our students and professors adhering to the same.


Quality Policy

STC, as an institution of higher education, is committed to offer quality education as the way of life with competent teaching faculty and other learning resources to ensure students’ holistic development and transformation required for India’s human resource development.


Environment Policy

STC’s environment policy is to keep the campus ever green while conserving the existing plants and trees in a healthy condition and their continuous maintenance.

The institution is committed to abide by all the environmental rules and regulations and ensure pollution free spic and span atmosphere with proper drainage system and rain water harvesting for a very conducive environment to achieve academic excellence.


IT Policy

The primary purpose of IT is to use it for College-related activities, but not limited only to teaching, learning, research and administration purposes...

The IT resources in the campus – computers and internet facilities – available should be harnessed maximum by the teaching, non-teaching and student community for academic and administrative purposes which would ensure speed, accuracy and availability of data and information in each and every transaction.


Research Policy

STC is committed

  • To create and promote research culture conforming to establish research standards and norms.
  • To enhance the professional competency of the faculty and students.
  • To provide a critical insight and research aptitude to translate the vision and mission of the college.
  • To contribute to the national upliftment by establishing an institutional fund.

Maintenance Policy

STC’s maintenance policy aims at keeping the campus spic and span and hygienic to create a climate favourable to teaching, learning and research processes. The policy ensures proper maintenance of every infrastructure, buildings, labs, playfields etc. for safety and security of all the stakeholders.


Consultancy Policy

STC has framed a Consultancy Policy to

  • Encourage and develop the institutions links with industry, commerce and the wider community through high quality consultancy activities which in turn would enhance the expertise of the faculty.
  • Provide a clear consultancy framework for all the stakeholders.
  • Manage external links effectively to ensure appropriate returns to both the employee and employer for using the resources and intellectual inputs.
  • Provide incentives to STC faculty members for undertaking consultancy services to the community.

The sharing of income from consultancy services

  • 70% of the income would be under the control of Dean / Head of the department and the same would be utilised for consultancy services.
  • 15% of the income to the faculty offering consultancy services.
  • 15% of the income to the institution, STC.

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