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M.Com (International Business)

Career Prospects

The successful M.Com (International Business) degree holders have endless job opportunities (in view of globalization and open Economic Policies) as Top Management Personnel / Executives in various business / industrial Organizations both domestic and foreign in the field of finance (Global and EXIM). Global Marketing, Human Resource Management, Logistics Management, Foreign Trade, Strategic Management etc..

Why M.Com IB at STC?

  • Experienced Teaching Faculty Members
  • Extensive Industry visits – Ports, MNCs,
  • Stock Exchanges etc
  • External Guest Lecturers from Corporate, Industry, Academic, Government Organization, Export Promotional Councils and Boards
  • Special Workshops in Export and Import Documentation.
  • Training in Communicative English and Soft Skills.
  • Curriculum Guarantees for Placement.
  • Compulsory Library Hours.
  • Entrepreneurial Development Related Training Programmes.
  • MOUs with Industries for training the Students

Course Content

  • India’s Foreign Trade
  • International Marketing and Brand Management
  • Management Process and Organizational Behavior
  • Accounting for Global Managers
  • International Business Environment
  • Communication for Executives
  • Business Research Methods
  • International Economics
  • Foreign Trade procedures and Documentation
  • Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal Reasoning
  • Operations Research
  • EXIM Finance
  • Global Financial Management
  • International Human Resource Management
  • International Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Global Strategic Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Computer Practicals in Documentation
  • Entrepreneurial Development
  • Internship Training
  • Project Work and Viva Voce
  • Yoga for the Modern Age
  • Professional Ethics

Electives (Group I – Logistics Management)

  • International Logistics Management
  • International Transportation Management
  • Multimodal Transport Management and Containerization
  • International Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management

Electives (Group II–Services Marketing)

  • International Services Marketing
  • International Capital and Money Markets
  • International Marketing of Hospital and Health Services
  • Information Technology for Business

Ready to pilot your future?

Starting a successful career is closer than you think. With exceptional academics and generous scholraships, SSTC allows you to get your degree close to home while launching you to new heights.